Due to an incredibly rapid growth and over 1,000 employees, this Client found themselves in need of Beniva’s assistance for several reasons. Hardware was virtually untraceable, software licenses were up in the air, and contract management needed a more sophisticated approach. Using the power of HAM, Contract Management, and (for the first time in Western Canada) SAM Pro. Beniva supported this client throughout a 5 month project where those pain points transformed into areas of efficiency. 

The Pain Points


Lack of Visibility into Hardware & Software Data Required for Financial Decision Making

Unreliable Data in the CMDB including Misclassified Services, Applications & Software

Lack of Maturity & Accountability for ITAM Processes

Data Structure Challenge

High Level Solutions

ServiceNow Configuration (New)

Hardware Asset Management, Software Contract Management, Software Asset Management Pro Implementation

ServiceNow Architectural Review & Tune-Ups

ServiceNow CMDB & Service Catalog, Discovery & SCCM Integrations


Hardware & Software Lifecycle, Inventory Management


Application & software data structuring; importing validated data into ServiceNow

The Co-Development Approach

Beniva employed a Co-Development tactic which led to incredible results and clarity throughout the project. This Co-Development method promoted close engagement between the Beniva team and the Client’s System Administrator. With this close working relationship, the teams had the luxury of always being on the same page. Another benefit of this approach is that it greatly reduced the need for training and hand-offs as the System Administrator was present and engaged throughout the project. 

Actionables & Deliverables

Configuration Management & Discovery

The first step of this project was to set up a framework under which Beniva would operate. That included:


  • Set-up & review discovery ensuring servers are being discovered (required for Data Centre SAM in a future phase)
  • Update Computer CI form & fields to align with Asset form 
  • Configure OOTB CMDB Health dashboards to monitor CI changes

Service Catalog & Request Fulfillment

By creating simple and convenient processes, requests (and more) are streamlined, creating a more efficient and comprehensive method of fulfillment for all.

  • Review service catalog items for onboarding, offboarding, and office moves
  • Design workflows and create workbooks for standard computer request & in scope software assets focusing on Request and Access Provisioning

Software Asset Management Pro (SAM Pro)

Beniva is proud to have completed the first SAM Pro installation in Western Canada! With this installation, there were two Software Publishers to manage: Microsoft & Adobe. The following are the high level steps we took to ensuring an effective implementation:

  • Configure OOTB Software Asset Management Professional
  • Install Microsoft or Adobe publisher pack plugins including SCCM Usage plugin
  • Create software models for non-discoverable products
  • Create software entitlement records for validated entitlements
  • Relate software models to associated contracts
  • Validate SW installation data from SCCM and set up Discovery Models
  • Establish reclamation rules for metered software that is unused/ unlicensed
  • Update OOTB dashboards based on Client requirements 
  • Provide process documentation and high-level Software Lifecycle training (specifically on how to enter and maintain Software Models & Software Entitlements in ServiceNow)
  • Provide software licensing subject matter expertise

Hardware Asset Management

Beniva altered the existing Hardware Asset Management system and processes using several tactics from hardware normalization to the set up of stockrooms and stock rules. These foundational practices provide greater visibility into the Client’s hardware assets with the following actionables:

  • Configure OOTB Asset Management & MyAssets in ServiceNow
  • Configure ServiceNow stockrooms & stock rules to support computer inventory management 
  • Configure model categories, hardware models & state/status synchronization to keep Asset & CI records integrated and updated 
  • Enable hardware normalization data services for manufacturers 
  • Set up field normalization rules for hardware model names 
  • In SCCM, review data mapping, hardware & software schedules (to pull critical data into asset tables), and software usage
  • Develop standard computer lifecycle & inventory management processes
  • Set up roles & groups for Asset users

Contract Management

With Contract Management implementation, the Client receives a drastic breakthrough in visibility, reduction in manual labour, improved efficiency, and more cost effective processes.

  • Configure OOTB Contract Management to manage hardware and software maintenance contract dates, and previous maintenance costs
  • Associate software models to supporting contract
  • Import computer lease agreement into hardware contract module
  • Import software maintenance contract data for predetermined software contracts once validated by Contract Administrator/ Supply Chain
  • Build parent-child relationship template for various contracts and software metric types
  • Develop simple dataflow process between Contract Management and SAM
  • Provide process documentation and Contract Management training to key stakeholders in Application Support team
  • Provide software contract subject matter expertise

Looking For A Custom Solution?

One size never fits all and we take that sentiment to heart. We take the time to understand our clients from the ground up, and work alongside them to find the most effective solutions for their unique situation. Each of our solutions are focused on driving results and creating tangible benefits for our clients. Let’s get started on your custom solution today!

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