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Application Portfolio Management

True G&A reduction. Mergers & acquisitions. Enabling a cloud strategy. Operational Excellence. Business strategy enablement. When enterprises manage their application portfolios in an effective way, the benefits are both real & profound. Beniva averages a closed-loop benefit of 7x 12-month ROI from its APM/APO methodology and are proud to be North America’s leading APM consultancy.

Service Asset & Configuration Management

With Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM), organizations have increased visibility into the important financial and lifecycle information of service assets and the relationships between configuration items. Organizations benefit from proper SACM in that it reduces maintenance costs and inherent risk.

Data Visualization & Analytics

Data, data and more data. Sensors, wearables, tablet and phone applications, social media and other technologies are generating massive amounts of data (in all forms, structured and unstructured). With Data Visualization and Analytics, companies can leverage that data, turning it into powerful insights and competitive advantages.

ServiceNow APM & Beniva AppFit

ServiceNow enables a robust and powerful way of managing your enterprise application portfolio. Foundational data can be leveraged to make strategy-to-application decisions like never before. And yet if ServiceNow’s APM module is too heavy for now, Beniva’s App+Fit App on the ServiceNow store may be the perfect ‘stepping stone’ solution.

Robotic Process Automation

You can’t afford not to have an automation strategy! Leading companies are seeing dramatic results on their bottom line and are radically changing how mundane, routine work is managed. With unmatched precision (resulting in fewer errors!) and speed, RPA technology delivers substantial benefits to businesses regardless of industry or location. 

Advisory Services

Organizations engage Beniva for guidance, insights and practical strategies to improve and transform their businesses. Beniva specializes in selecting & implementing enterprise software, cost leadership strategies and continuous improvement programs. Our diverse capabilities and real-world experience help hardwire meaningful results.

Tangible Benefits. Exceptional Value. 


One size never fits all and we take that sentiment to heart. We meet you at your starting point and work with you to find the best solutions. Our clients receive plenty of optionality for delivery, pricing, and approach whether it’s for a one-time engagement or ongoing services.

Outcome Driven

Our solutions are focused on driving results and creating tangible benefits for our clients. We begin each project with the end in mind and structure our engagements to achieve the desired benefits. 

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