Advantage You.

Our goal is to make your company better, more competitive, more efficient. We provide effective consulting solutions that meet your needs and goals. Tangible benefits at exceptional value. 


Yes we are boutique - and proud of it. We meet at your starting point, can pivot quickly and adapt our method to fit our client needs. This allows us to provide tangible value to our clients without unnecessary overhead - translation? A better business case and return for your company's investment. Beniva - tangible results, exceptional value. 


We provide optionality to our clients for delivery, pricing and approach. Whether for a one-time engagement or ongoing annual service. Want to test the waters? No problem. One size never fits all, and we take that to heart. We will meet you at your starting point and work with you on the best option. 

Outcomes first.

Tangible means tangible. We target outcomes, results. We are not in the business of producing paper (unless of course that is your desired outcome). We start with the end in mind and structure our engagements to achieve desired benefits. 

Strategic & Advisory Services

Make luck. That's what successful business do. They make informed bets and relentlessly connect strategy to execution.
Beniva brings the insights and energy to help organizations seize opportunities and act on them. 

Digital & Technology Strategy

Today organizations face an unprecedented amount change driven from emerging technology and digital capabilities. We provide end-to-end solutions that connect digital & technology plans to business value, along with delivery strategies that drive to maximum ROI.. 

CIO Advisory Services

Maybe you are a new CIO looking for objective insights. Maybe you've been at the wheel for years and a looking to kick-start a change. We cover all aspects of the agenda facing today's CIO; operating model, process, staffing, automation, increasing business engagement and more.

Cost Structure Improvement

For companies to endure today's intense competition, they must make finding and eliminating unnecessary costs an imperative. But how? Beniva supports your journey to cost leadership by providing practical approaches for sustainable cost structure improvement. 

RFP Support & Due Diligence

Purchasing enterprise technology and services is expensive, time consuming and potentially risky. The wrong decision can set a project back months, or worse, lead to significant regret spend. Learn how we can help facilitate better outcomes before the purchase is made. 

M&A Technology Planning 

With the prominent role technology and automation play in business, it is no longer sufficient to consider the financial aspects of merger and acquisition. How much technical debt will be purchased? What cyber-security threats persist? How will process integration occur? We can help. 

Human Resources

Effective Human Capital Management is a key strategic lever for driving and enabling sustainable organizational change. But ROI is often difficult to prove - that's where Total Workforce Management comes in. Strategy, tactics and tools to drive transformation and achieve optimization. 

Delivery Services

Results based approach and toolkit to get things moving and deliver quick returns. 

Application Portfolio Management & Optimization

Regain control of your application landscape to improve costs, increase alignment and better prepare for change. That's what APM is about. Our service is end-to-end, covering data capture, capability mapping, opportunity tracking and delivery of cost reductions. 

Data & Analytics

A growing and challenging space filled with opportunity and complexity. Our approach is simple, we work with you to understand your objectives and provide staff augmentation, and sourcing for solid candidates that are a fit for you. Let us take some of the recruiting burden from you.

Cloud Planning & Readiness

The cloud is not a destination. Repeat, the cloud is not a destination. Our toolkit enables effective planning for the cloud. We inventory current services, your operating model and foundational service needs. We then map each target service with cloud options based on complexity and objective. 

Service & Project Delivery

What does it take to get truly great at execution? How do you balance competing stakeholder demands and priorities? Why do so many projects fail? All good questions, we may not have the answer for you, but we do know repeating the same approach doesn't work - there are options.

Enterprise Architecture

We provide a host of service options for your enterprise architecture needs. From staff augmentation to targeted architecture programs - our team and associates cover it all. Our approach is outcome focused, giving you full control and visibility over scope, and tangible deliverables. 

CMDB & IT Asset Management

Everyone needs it, no one does it well. What is the value of having a full set of asset information; inventory, cost, contract terms, vendor milestones etc? Improving your planning capability and ability to manage change starts with a solid foundation. How is yours? 

Beniva Perspectives - Read the Latest. 

Beniva in the community. 

Photographers Without Borders

Leonard (Beniva Partner) volunteers with PWB, and has taken on projects in Cambodia to Rwanda. We are excited to see his photojournalism work as he creates visual stories that this global non-profit and NGO will use as part of awareness and fund-raising to support their ongoing, life-changing work. 

Rowan House Society

Beniva is a Proud Supporter of Rowan House Society, an organization that provides emergency shelter, grade-school education programs and second stage housing support for abused women and children. 

Green Gecko Project

GGP has supported over 100 for street children and their families in SE Asia with education, housing, food, and work placement training. Please read more about their story here.

Kyokushin Karate - promoting good physical and mental health and the spirit of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement). 

Beniva is proud to be a premier sponsor of the 2018 Kyokushin Karate Calgary Cup, one of North America's top Karate tournaments. Good luck to all the athletes and participants for a great day. Event information can be found here.