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We are a technology advisory and services firm trusted by leading companies worldwide to provide reliable guidance, and implementation of transformative workflow, automation and analytics capabilities. 

The Beniva team is an assembly of humble and dedicated problem solvers. Our only goal is to generate value for our clients.

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  • Clients first
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Do the right thing
  • Support our community


Offices in Canada and the US. Clients around the world.


Community is at the core of our values and approach.


Beniva is always looking for high-performing individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Connect with us and check out our Careers page on LinkedIn.


We take a hands-on, practical approach to solving problems. 

Technology Partners

Working with the world’s best to achieve true value for our clients. 

Ready to work together? Let’s talk. 

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We specialize in helping clients work through key inflection points of their business. Our core specialities include cost optimization, business & IT process improvement, and total reinvention of processes through digital technology.

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