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COVID-19: Now what? A Re-Introduction to the Workplace.

Beniva and our partners hosted a webinar on July 29, 2020. Leaders from across private and public sector attended to hear our panel address key IT, HR and Legal considerations and challenges related to pandemic response and return to work.

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Projects Spotlight

Transforming Asset Management for Midstream Energy

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CIO Focus

Leaders look to Beniva to reduce costs.

For some sectors such as Oil and Gas, uncertainty and cost pressure has been a reality for the past number of years. For other industries, the impacts from the pandemic are now hitting the bottom line and presssure to reduce costs and become more efficient is growing.  Technology leaders are turning to Beniva for effective, lasting cost structure improvements.

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Trends Worth Watching

  1. Rise of the remote worker and the impact on productivity
  2. Cloud Computing: where to from here? (and the new NAFTA agreement impacts)
  3. RPA grows up (and automated process discovery goes mainstream)
  4. Industry blockchain solutions
  5. Managing citizen development

Pandemic Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed society and the way we connect and communicate. For business, this signals a profound shift in how work is done and managed. The impacts for IT, HR and Legal are wide reaching, and many effects are yet to be realized. Companies that recognize business continuity as a strategic imperative have the best change at adapting and surviving.

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Operations Excellence

Business does not stand still. Staying competitive means continuous evolution and investment in strategies that promote innovation, modernization and improvement. Achieving excellence requires companies to manage existing processes more efficiently, while strategically investing in emerging capabilities to drive step-change transformation.  

Operations Excellence Service Areas

  • Data & Analytics
  • Automation & Robotic Process Automation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Cost Leadership

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Technology Strategy & Operations

Technology is key to every strategy, and every business today. Maximum value from technology investment requires  a comprehensive understanding of business process, key functions and objectives. Investing in technology capabilities is only the first part. Key to success is creating and running cost effective, value-driven service operations. 

Technology Strategy & Operations Service Areas

  • Technology Transformation
  • Service Operations
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Project & Program Services

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Advisory Practice Leader

Shayne Dow – Partner
Global Advisory Services

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