Beniva. Much more than just an APM System Implementor.

We all know it’s true. One can’t solve a problem by simply buying technology. Similarly for APM: the purchase and implementation of APM Technology itself also doesn’t actually deliver real cost optimization, IT planning and efficiency outcomes.

The reality is that there are many system implementors.  If only S.I. work was the valuable part. Don’t get us wrong, implementing APM certainly takes planning. There are table, data and configuration considerations. And you will likely need some custom reporting leveraging ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics module. We can do all that too. But achieving business outcomes is the real definition of success to Beniva.

“We believe an APM project should not only be self-funding, but be a net cash positive experience”

Leonard Wiens, Partner Beniva Consulting Group

Realizing tangible business outcomes from leveraging ServiceNow APM is where Beniva Consulting Group is focused.

Beniva will deliver tangible APM benefits:

  1. We are a cost optimization & synergy realization company with a rich track record of APM Professional Services success

  2. We have successfully delivered Merger & Acquisition Synergy & IT Cost Leadership/Spend Optimization work

  3. We save real, in-year budget dollars with APM, averaging a 13% reduction in your direct application maintenance spend and a 19% reduction in application & software titles across our clients to date

  4. We have an extensive background in helping companies stand up APM practices as a ‘lifestyle’ versus a one time project

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Why ServiceNow APM?

The integrated value proposition of ServiceNow is immensely strong. ServiceNow APM is where your base ITSM and Configuration, and other data sets meet to accelerate stronger insights, dashboards and spend decision making support.

ServiceNow’s APM module enables a true enterprise view of enterprise Application Assets, tying in your potential data sources from service, incident & problem, software asset, IT financial management, customer satisfaction data and more to give you the most comprehensive set of analysis and decision support for your application portfolio as has ever been possible. The benefit of a true enterprise platform like ServiceNow is fully unleashed with ServiceNow’s APM Module.

Beniva has a specific ServiceNow APM Functionality Roadmap that helps you plan your potential ServiceNow APM implementation. We can help you think through lower complexity to fully featured approaches (i.e., getting to TPM, Demand & SAM data integration). We provide free planning workshops to help you think through your best potential use of ServiceNow APM.

Beniva also developed the AppFit ‘APM Lite’ application on the ServiceNow store to help you get started.

ServiceNow’s full APM module is elite. The analytics capability of ServiceNow APM leveraging your integrated data sources provides the most powerful solution on the market.

But OOTB ServiceNow APM may be too much for less complex and smaller organizations to adopt right out of the gate. For companies that need a ‘stepping stone’ solution towards ServiceNow APM, Beniva’s App+Fit application (available on the ServiceNow Store) provides a solution that allows a company to establish its APM processes and roles prior to moving towards the larger ServiceNow APM suite (which we love).

Automating your organizations APM workflow, including cost optimization efforts and application-to-business capability model mapping is a great out of the gate approach to a simple APM program.

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