Beniva is an official ServiceNow Partner. We are certified & strong in ITBO/APM implementations.

ServiceNow’s APM module enables a true enterprise view of enterprise Application Assets, tying in service management incident & problem, software asset, IT financial management, security operations risk, vendor, compliance, customer satisfaction data and more to give you the most comprehensive set of analysis and decision support for your application portfolio as possible. The benefit of a true enterprise platform like ServiceNow is fully unleashed with ServiceNow’s APM Module.

But it’s not just about the tool.

Beniva is certified in ServiceNow APM, and with our decades of APM Process and Application Portfolio Optimization experience, we understand that APM is not at all about implementing a tool - people and process are what will make cost optimization efforts & sustaining your APM practice achievable. Our combined ServiceNow and APM process expertise is what makes us North America’s go-to company for ServiceNow APM implementations. Combining Beniva’s proven APM cost optimization service, our ServiceNow APM implementations result in tangible and real G&A cost reduction for your company. We have CIO references to prove our track record.

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ServiceNow APM - Scope Options

Projects range from 8 weeks to 8 months, pending requirements. Beniva can workshop potential implementation scenarios and project options with you.

Beniva also developed the AppFit ‘APM Lite’ application on the ServiceNow store to help you get started.

ServiceNow’s full APM module may be too much for less complex organizations to adopt right out of the gate. For companies that need a ‘stepping stone’ solution to ServiceNow APM, Beniva’s App+Fit application (available on the ServiceNow Store) provides a solution that allows a company to establish its APM processes and roles prior to moving towards the larger ServiceNow APM suite (which we love).

Automating your organizations APM workflow, including cost optimization efforts and application-to-business capability model mapping is a great out of the gate approach to a simple APM program.

Watch our quick overview here, and please contact us for additional information. Click HERE to find our App on the ServiceNow store.