Your Challenge.  And Your Opportunity.

Today, IT is all about the big buzzwords.  Digital, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning.  And to be sure, the world around us today is increasingly captivating and visionary.  And yet.  IT Leaders at times get caught up in the shiny, while neglecting attention and in control of their base operating environments and costs.  None of the cutting edge-emerging technologies negate the need for IT leadership to understand the IT assets and costs they are stewarding on behalf of the enterprise. 

Why is this Important?

Let us be very clear:  Config and Asset Management are the foundations to which all IT operational and cost management practices hinge.  Without these two practices, there is no Medium to Large enterprise that can profess to be effectively in control of their IT environment. 

And yet we understand… IT Asset and Config projects aren’t glamourous. Managing these data sets are not IT professionals joined IT to do (namely, manage records and metadata) and thus, it simply often doesn’t get done. 

But it is exceptionally important for IT leadership to understand to mitigate operational risk and demonstrate cost leadership with these disciplines.  Sample recurring themes we see in the marketplace include:  

We have yet to see a medium to large size enterprise without real G&A, significant, inflated cost profiles (whether workforce, service, license cost, administrative error, data subscriptions, or other) that isn’t due to poor understanding of the fundamental data of their holistic IT environment and costs they are managing.

IT operational staff’s jobs are exceptionally difficult without understanding how applications map to databases and physical or virtual or cloud infrastructure.  But often, these simple relationships are not available, increasing operational risk. 

As an IT leader, you don’t need to know these relationships.  But if somebody in your department doesn’t know, then that should be a large worry.

Why is Asset Management so difficult?

Unfortunately, making matters worse, is that grinding through data collection and analysis related to software, infrastructure, end user mobility devices – not to mention the upcoming wave of sensor and IOT technologies for Operational Technologies… asset and configuration management can be viewed as an insurmountable mountain to climb.  But it isn’t.  A service provider with a proven toolkit can drastically accelerate data collection, cleanup, analysis and system load efforts for either A) your operational staff to manage in an ongoing manner, or B) outsource to a Managed Service Provider like Beniva Consulting Group. 

A Solution

IT leaders never cease to be impressed (even if reluctantly) by the insights that an effective Asset and Config Management project can deliver. 

A correct implementation of this process maturity will reduce your direct G&A costs and improve ITSM capability risk - as long the needed supporting processes and workflows are also implemented in a fit-for-purpose way and in conjunction with your company culture.