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Beniva’s robotic process automation practice provides consulting and delivery services to help leaders achieve greater success with digital transformation programs. Our core expertise centers on UiPath and Microsoft technologies and we approach the work from a business outcome perspective. Companies trust Beniva because of our expertise in process design, depth of platform knowledge, and ability to solve more complex automation challenges.

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Digital Transformation:
Achieve full visibility, process controls, and audit with RPA. 

Craig Elies – RPA Practice Lead
June 2021
Estimated read time: ~3 mins

It started with email.

The (client’s) accounts receivable team uses a shared mailbox to process invoices as they arrive. In the beginning, this worked well – then a major project took off and the number of invoices exploded. The team already overwhelmed with manual data entry, now had a different problem; how to maintain visibility and process control over what happened with each email coming in. The need to know who opened an email, what was done with it and the end result now required adding more manual processes to track and manage.

Things started to get confusing and difficult, processing times increased, and a backlog formed. (Of course, this led to processing delays and started creating issues with payments and suppliers. This is a real-world example of work getting created. For more on the “story of work” watch this).

Transformation with audit and traceability at the core.

A key value driver for automation is the reduction of manual work. Software bots working tirelessly to process and complete mundane, boring work such as the data entry involved with processing invoices. But with sensitive or control and compliance-driven financial processes, doing work faster and more efficiently isn’t the only consideration. How to safeguard systems and data? Ensure accuracy? Demonstrate sufficient process controls?

It is in these areas that RPA provides the real transformation opportunity for companies. Unlike manual processes that are difficult to track and audit, RPA has full traceability and audit built from the core. For our client, this meant full visibility to all emails coming in, opened, what information was pulled from the invoice, when and where the data was entered. Also, no one who didn’t have appropriate access, could see the invoices, see or change what was entered into the finance system – adding a layer of security and controls previously not available.

Client Success

With Beniva’s expertise and UiPath’s leading capabilities a number of positive opportunities resulted:

  • Full audit trail of all accounts receivable activities
  • Rapid invoice processing and no more backlog
  • Scalability – no need to hire additional staff to support large/major project loads
  • Service – rather than spending time processing invoices, staff now spend more time with suppliers and resolving discrepancies in a timely manner
  • Improved visibility/accuracy to cash flow reporting

To learn more connect with Beniva and Craig Elies on LinkedIn.
To learn more about UiPath watch this. 
To learn more about Microsoft Automation, go here.

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