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Case Study: IT Cost Reduction

A major north-american company is under pressure to reduce IT costs, however, after years of acquisitions, divestitures, multiple data sources and disparate data sets, there is a lack of visibility to application inventory and spend.

“Under pressure to reduce costs, we looked to Beniva for assistance. We’d spent months trying to get a consolidated view of applications and spend, but could never get a complete and accurate view. Beniva hit the ground running with initial results in weeks. Beniva not only helped us understand our inventory and reduce our costs, but actually saved jobs from being reduced.” - CIO

Beniva Solution - Application Portfolio Optimization

Beniva delivered an end-to-end solution that included working with the IT team to first capture a detailed inventory of the applications - including all available financial data. (We call this the "data grind"). Next, all of those applications were mapped to a business capability model and evaluated for size, redundancy, spend, opportunity and complexity to create a prize tracker - that is the list of opportunities and the proposed approach to EACH application. Lastly, Beniva facilitated all stakeholders through the rationalization exercise. Efficient and effective. 


  • Uncovered hidden applications and spend.

  • Achieved a 14% reduction in direct, annual G&A spend for software licenses.

  • Application inventory mapped to business capabilities.

  • Application inventory refreshed and loaded into ServiceNow.

  • 5x return in-year, 3-year NET savings: >$11MM

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Case Study: M&A Synergies

A highly decentralized historical operating environment was being disrupted by a very large scale company integration that required both technical and operational shifts. 

“With two converging IT departments, help was needed to blue-print the future IT environment.  We hired Beniva to inventory and evaluate the combined environments and provide a practical analysis and blueprint for consolidation.” - Integration Program Leader

Beniva Solution - M&A Technology Plan

Under an aggressive timeline, Beniva completed a capability mapping and Technology Merger Analysis exercise. This process is rapid, but deeply analytical and allowed the acquiring enterprise greater visibility into overlapping assets and technologies. With a plan of action in hand, the organization is well setup to realize merger benefits.  


  • ~$23MM annual savings opportunity identified

  • Roadmap in place to execute

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Case Study: Workforce Management

Years of decentralized hiring, non-standardized rates and a wide array of “unique treatments” for long tenured contractors needed to be unwound and reset.

“Foundationally, we needed to change the way our company operated related to our vast contingent labour workforce.  Suppliers and cost needed to be drastically reduced with effective go-to-market strategies and organizational roll-out.  Rate cards, contractor management practices and policy, centralization of hiring and more was required to gain better insights, reporting, control and cost savings related to managing our HR costs.”  - HR Program Leader

Beniva Solution - HR Program Delivery

There is no easy way to shift organizational thinking around hiring practices and HR spend.  Top down initiatives need to be paired with engagement and planning support at the senior level.  Supplier engagement, transition planning and vastly different processes from time tracking, invoicing, and end-to-end recruiting are enhanced and communicated. 


  • $11MM in contingent labour management costs.

  • Centralized internal contingent labour recruiting and revised practices and processes for managing workforce were enacted.

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