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At this stage the cloud strategy has been set. Target services and workloads are defined. The goal is traction on the business case & solidify required changes to the IT operating model. 

- Base requirements are implemented including any changes to network and/or bandwidth
- Agreements are in place for service providers
- IT operating model is shifting to support cloud service deployments and necessary automation

Implement base requirements. 

- Leveraging the blueprint and roadmap to implement necessary base requirements that are needed before further cloud transitions can occur
- The goal is to de-risk further cloud transitions by having appropriate capabilities in place to manage new services and target model
- Implementation of base requirements in some cases can be done in parallel or tandem with other cloud transitions
- Vendor commitments are finalized including usage / consumption levels

Migrate low-risk workloads. 

- Migration of low risk/low complexity workloads
- Decommissioning of legacy services and/or infrastructure
- Updates to activities and procedures
- Further automation - by this stage, provisioning basic infrastructure (server, storage) should be fully scripted
- Bandwidth and network access is tested for security and throughput

Implement IT operating model changes.

- New roles are created and in place (Eg. Vendor Manager, DevOps Leader, QA practice)
- DevOps capabilities are implemented
- Processes are established / revised to manage cloud provisioning, support and delivery
- IT budget processes and cost models are revised to reflect the "as a service" pricing structures
- Legacy agreements are reviewed for rationalization
- Some self-serve options begin to emerge

Validate results and revise plan. 

- Continuous review of results drives revisions to roadmap, target cloud service deployment model and blueprint as needed
- Spend validation on usage and access is required to ensure traction is being made to commitment

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