Cloud Readiness & Planning: Design for Change. Outcomes of this stage include:

- Finalizing a list of known constraints, risks and architecture needs
- Initial candidate services will be migrated (validating approach and business case)
- A blueprint & roadmap will exist that categorizes remaining services by complexity, effort and target cloud deployment model

Manage constraints

- Identify and build an action plan for known constraints (eg. data integration, identity and access management, network access, bandwidth etc)
- Revise candidate workloads as necessary
- Revise business case and target cloud services deployment model and architecture as required

Transition candidate workloads & services

- Assign working team (delivery and operations) to begin workload transitions
- Transition workloads in iterations starting with single deployments
- Document transition activities and procedures
- Identify automation opportunities (and begin automation)
- Transition to operations with documentation
- Validate / revise assumptions and update constraints, architecture model and business case as needed

Blueprint & roadmap

- Cloud transitions model updated with all target workloads and services by complexity & target deployment model
- Transitions blueprint for each cloud service deployment model in place - current state to target state
- Roadmap developed for remaining cloud transitions, including all foundation requirements and capability changes needed with time horizon and investment plan

Bonus: update business case. 

- Revised business case including validated assumptions and any additional investment requirements

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