Photographers Without Borders

Leonard (Beniva Partner) volunteers with PWB, and has taken on projects in Cambodia to Rwanda, supporting Global NGO’s & Charities. We are excited to see his photojournalism work as he creates visual stories that this global non-profit and NGO will use as part of awareness and fund-raising to support their ongoing, life-changing work. 

One Body Village

One Body village rescues, protects & rehabilitates children who are the victims of child trafficking. Beniva supports rehabilitation and counselling work for girls who are rescued in South East Asia.

Rowan House Society

Beniva is a Proud Supporter of Rowan House Society, an organization that provides emergency shelter, grade-school education programs and second stage housing support for abused women and children. 

Green Gecko Project

GGP has supported over 100 for street children and their families in SE Asia with education, housing, food, and work placement training. Please read more about their story here.

Kyokushin Karate - promoting good physical and mental health and the spirit of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement). 

Beniva is proud to be a premier sponsor of the 2018 Kyokushin Karate Calgary Cup, one of North America's top Karate tournaments. Good luck to all the athletes and participants for a great day. Event information can be found here.