Data – the currency of the future, for all industries.

An untapped source of value that will drive new business practices and operating models. 

New technologies drive 15% year-on-year growth – but technology is only part of the answer.

Target: High Fidelity Analytics

Digital capabilities like the Internet (of Things), and Automation create massive data footprints. With so much data, many projects spend valuable resources on data exploration, cleansing & testing hypothesis – activities that are useful for practitioners, but not for decision making and improvement. We take a different approach by focusing on the outcome first, not the journey.

Context, Capability, Collaboration

Avoid complicated projects, churn and wasted costs. Beniva simplifies things by focusing on critical intangibles (correct context, appropriate capability and strong collaboration) that are key to a successful data and analytics effort.

Beniva Excellence

Strength and competency where it matters most. 

Industry and Data Science Expertise
Context is key to focusing on what is important to any business setting.  Our partners and industry experts provide the knowledge and IP needed to develop advanced solutions for wide ranging industry challenges.  


Technical Capability

Our technical team is broadly skilled and flexible to work in most major technology platforms. This enables high-value, sustainable solutions.  

Project Governance

Achieving intended outcomes is critical for any project.  We act as the broker that obtains alignment across the different stakeholders in your organization, and provides the structure, governance and risk management required for successful delivery.

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