Your Data, Unleashed

Organizations today are sitting on mountains of data and adding new data at an unprecedented rate. Yet much of it remains hidden, segregated, or left in raw formats rendering it meaningless or unusable. Beniva can help unleash your data with data visualization so you can realize the true power and potential it holds.

Get More from Your Data by Leveraging the Power of Power BI 

Transforming your data from its raw state into insights, used to be a lengthy and cumbersome process. But with tools like Power BI, insights can be created rapidly – along with elegant data visualization for displaying and interpreting data. This enables rapid data transformation and the ability to identify data quality issues quickly – saving time for your data analytics project. Power BI and other data visualization tools can help you get insights into the hands of decision makers faster than ever.

Intelligent, Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence no longer means understanding how your organization has performed in the past. With the increase in data available to your organization, you should be able to see how your organization is performing now, at this moment, as well as predicting future performance. More data means more opportunity to use advanced and predictive analytics to see a problem, before it occurs, and make a decision today, to improve your business tomorrow. Now that, is Business Intelligence.

Big Data Made Manageable

So you have more data available to you than ever before, and more powerful tools than ever before, but how can you take advantage of these opportunities given the current state of your data? Data management, governance, and architecture is a challenge for all organizations big and small. We have experts that can light the path through your forest of Big Data, so you are set up to take full advantage of the opportunities your data present.

How Beniva Can Help

Beniva provides expertise to help you get the most of your data from data architecture to analytics to data visualization. Our rapid, agile, continuous delivery approach assures you get to insights quickly, and where they matter. Say goodbye to long, cumbersome data projects, and work with Beniva to unleash the potential of your data. We offer three options to support your goals:

  1. Staff augmentation
  2. Project support and oversight
  3. Full managed service

Contact us today to see how we can help your company.

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