Traditionally when planning M&A organizations have focused on the extrinsic; financial statements, shareholder value, board of directors, leadership team etc. However, with the omni-present (and growing) role of digital technology it has become critical to evaluate the current state of technology to understand the impact it will have on post-M&A integration. 

Starting early in the process provides several benefits including: 

- Limiting surprises - a comprehensive view of the role technology plays within an organization before acquisition helps identify the true cost of integration and the ability to effectively plan the technology transition post transaction. 

- Competitive advantage - knowing what you're buying before you buy it also allows the purchasing organization to make proactive decisions about what digital technology they should retain vs remove. 

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Clients realize substantial efficiencies by addressing technology early in the M&A cycle and using strategies such as data centre and IT infrastructure rationalization, application portfolio consolidation, global network optimization, workforce and service management. 

Why Beniva? 

You have several options when it comes to supporting this activity - including going at it alone. We believe we can add value to your existing activities by bringing the following expertise to the table to accelerate your outcomes:

  • Detailed M&A framework with specific emphasis on systems integration and planning (Capability Model, SWOT, Inventory, Cost Evaluation, Obsolescence Planning, Integration Planning and Roadmapping)
  • Program Management plan including customizable governance structure, milestone plan and activities checklist
  • Access to delivery resources to support your M&A integration efforts
  • Extensive toolkit and experience with capability modeling, systems inventory and categorization and rationalization. We are the experts when it comes to associate methodologies such as Application Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture. 

Planning M&A activity? Contact Us today to see how our toolkit and approach can help you get to outcomes faster.