(Re)Construct business operations to be resilient, cost effective and future-proof.

Optimize and respond to any market condition by converging data, process and technology – across the entire business.



Operations Excellence projects deliver enduring value. 

Global supply chain gets an automation boost.

Analytics provide value & insight to Mining Operations.

Telco increases productivity by reducing waste using LEAN. 

Process analysis drives end-to-end IT cost optimization.

RPA delivers strong ROI for Midstream Energy.

Close the gap on performance & achieve lasting competitiveness.

Most organizations have a long list of past initiatives looking to remove the frustrations associated with chronic issues. While these efforts start off with good intentions, projects are often doomed before they start, as visibility to current state activities is lacking and (true) root causes of issues are not understood. Beniva can help close these gaps by providing objective review and assessment of process and task performance to bootstrap any improvement project. Once a baseline is set and opportunities are understood we draw upon our considerable expertise and technical capabilities to implement change.

Nimble, high-performance, operations. 

Data and Insights

Transforming data into insight assures timely and effective decision. By high-grading data capabilities, your comapany can identify hidden costs, optimize assets, improve capital investments or maximize the effectiveness of marketing programs.  

Automate Processes

Low value, transactional work limits productivity, while process errors increase risk and frustrate stakeholders. Automation technology changes this reality by eliminating re-work, reducing transaction costs, increasing throughput and scalability (without adding staff).

Eliminate process waste.

For relatively little investment, a  process re-design or continuous improvement program can have profound impacts on financial performance. Eliminate process waste, reduce process cycle times, eliminate steps that do not add value and achieve end-to-end performance visibility. 

Cost Leadership

Think your organization is competitive?  How do you know if your cost structures or operating metrics are leading, comparable or lagging industry peers?  Discover the activities that truly drive costs and uncover how to improve the bottom line.

Operations Excellence Practice Leaders

Kevin Young – Associate Partner
Industry Operations Excellence


Craig Elies – Practice Leader

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