We Provide CIOs An Effective Response To Cost Pressure

Beniva Consulting Group was built from the ground up to deliver tangible, results oriented IT Cost Leadership services. We either have confidence we will save you real dollars, or we won’t take on the project.

Robust Response To Today’s Real Cost Pressures

Solve Under-Utilization of Purchased Software

Software asset management reveals on average a ~30% under-utilization of purchased software licensing, and gives you the tools to combat and renegotiate vendor fees while reducing compliance & audit risk.

End-to-End Application Cost Leadership Programs

Beniva provides North America’s only end-to-end Application Cost Leadership programs for organizations needing to show rapid spend reduction results. Application spend can be effectively reduced within 14 weeks with Beniva’s rapid results IP, which averages a 13% reduction in SW costs.

Redeploy or Reduce Workforce Cost

Digital and Robotic process transformation result in substantial savings across countless use cases.

ROIs Backed By Data

Our expert team only deals in true ROIs, backed by demonstrable data. Beniva’s focus is on rapid results for our clients with a minimum 12 month timeframe for net positive payback.

Let’s work together. 

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