COVID-19: Now What? A Re-Introduction to the Workplace

by Jul 24, 2020

After a few months into the COVID response, most companies are starting to open up with vastly different approaches and results. The COVID virus continues to have a profound impact in the workplace and is likely here to stay for a while. Leadership teams are now struggling with the following questions:

  • When do I go back to the workplace?
  • How fast do we go back?
  • Who goes back?
  • What does the new workplace look like?

As companies further navigate their recovery plans, the actions they take now will have significant impact on the organization both in the short term and long term. Every crisis presents opportunity and our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has provided new insight into our idea of the office. Experience is starting to trigger a new vision of what the office could look like and how work is effectively managed.

Our cross functional advisory team at Beniva brings the required expertise in technology, organizational effectiveness and business continuity to identify risks and guide your organization through the recovery, stabilization and transformation process.

We can help you:

Mitigate risks

Mitigate risks with an effective governance structure and the leadership presence needed to safely re-introduce the workforce, maintain business performance and monitor the results of decisions in an effective manner.

Operate safe facilities

Operate safe facilities by developing best practises for safe back-to-the-office protocols including PPE, building access, check in procedures and building access procedures.

Reduce IT costs

Reduce IT costs in your ecosystem and identifying new technology risks resulting from remote work.

Maintain / improve organizational effectiveness

Maintain or improve organizational performance by advising on strategies for maintaining productivity, developing new operating models, and maintaining employee connectivity during the pandemic.

Connect With Kevin Young

Connect With Kevin Young

Associate Partner, Beniva Consulting Group

For more insights on our recovery framework, contact Kevin Young at

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