With a Windows 10 upgrade looming, the Client had several concerns about the trustworthiness of their Hardware Asset Management technology, data, and processes. Over the course of 5 weeks, significant effort was put into assessing the state of their Hardware Asset Management processes and its supporting technology while also making recommendations on its future state. Beniva also performed all the necessary changes in order to achieve said recommended state. From issues surrounding manual labour, technical debt, and lack of visibility, Beniva provided transparent solutions and vigorous support throughout this short yet action packed project. 

The Pain Points

Labour Intensive Manual Processes Lacking Proper Tools for Efficiency

Over Customization Leading to Technical Debt & Lack of Process Alignment for Technology

Untrustworthy Data Caused Lack of Visibility into Hardware Asset Portfolio

Actions & Deliverables

+ their benefits & value

Hardware Asset Assessment & Configuration

  • Assessed entire Asset module to ensure that all needed OOTB functionality remained intact.
  • Assessed the Client’s TIS Service Asset Management Process to guide the later work in this area.
  • Performed full customization assessment of the Hardware Table, with every custom field, business rule and client script documented and verified for functional necessity.
  • Actions for most of the customizations identified, taken, and documented in order to bring back to OOTB as much as possible, while also retaining the needed functionality to meet Client’s business needs.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

Technology is far more closely linked to Enbridge HAM Processes

ServiceNow Asset Management module customization and associated technical debt has been removed

Gained confidence in correct functionality of Asset Management module

User, Location, Role and HR Hub Integration Assessment & Configuration

  • Assessed the customizations done to the sys_user table with regards to User location, as this is transferred to assigned assets, as well as accessed via all user records.
  • Developed technical fixes to ensure the data was correctly updating with changes to the source of truth in HR Hub.
  • Assessed all Users with the Asset role, and found that there were 8 custom roles that contained ‘asset’, that made it very difficult to control access to the module.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

Trusted data now correctly in ServiceNow, with drastic improvements in overall asset data quality achieved

Ability to use ‘Assigned to’ as a correct reference for Asset location enabled, allowing for efficient locating of physical assets

Far more granular control over access to Asset module achieved, with removal of unneeded access enabling correct role separation

Hardware Model Assessment, Configuration & Normalization

  • Performed a full assessment on the Hardware Models and Model Categories.
  • Recategorized all Hardware Models and associated Assets to use correct computer types, and to remove existing Model Categories.
  • Created simplified Computer Types.
  • Developed Business Rule and associated initial Job to maintain Types.
  • Enabled and ran Normalization Data Services to run on the manufacturer field.
  • Setup Field Normalization for Hardware Models based on the Name of the models.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

Easier and more accurate reporting on Assets and Models enabled

Standards of computer types created and enforced by ServiceNow

Consistent and accurate Asset and Model data achieved through normalization efforts

SCCM Integration Assessment & Configuration Fixes

  • Coordinated with SCCM Team, as well as went through the ServiceNow instance to assess the current state of Client’s SCCM.
  • Performed necessary technical changes to get these two fields into a usable, reportable state.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

Able to now use SCCM generated data regarding the current usage of an asset to understand its current actual state, not just what is thought to be the truth

SCCM user data now references actual user records, enabling the SCCM data to be used for generating reports on the location of assets


  • Coordinated with Asset Team to get an actionable list of existing Stockrooms.
  • Connected with Stockroom managers to determine which rooms needed to: remain the same; transfer stock & remove; remove completely.
  • Performed the necessary data loads to achieve the goals set out in the actionable list of Stockrooms.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

ServiceNow up to date as the system of record for currently active Stockrooms

Assets correctly associated with the Stockroom that they are in, enabling easier location of the assets for upgrades, disposition, and deployments

AMI AssetTrack Barcode Scanning Solution (Ongoing)

  • Research into the needs and requirements of the Asset and Desktop teams to ensure full visibility into existing lifecycle process.
  • Created corresponding technology enforcement of Hardware lifecycle, covering assignment through to retirement.
  • Made customizations to AMI AssetTrack app to better suit Client’s process.
  • Worked with the AMI & Client teams to move AsestTrack into production environment.

The Benefits & Value of this Solution

The application drastically increases efficiency and accuracy of asset data by cutting out the need to use cumbersome spreadsheets of any sort when handling the lifecycle of assets

Enables mobile and offline scanning and updating of assets, ensuring that Desktop teams are always capable of performing their work, no matter their location

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