Thinking of a major system investment?
Beniva can help. 

We support clients by bringing a comprehensive structure to facilitate the RFP process and conduct due diligence on vendors before investment is made.  

RFP Preparation

Business Case Development & Requirements Capture

The first step prior to any significant IT / systems investment should be to establish the business case. Our framework includes not only the necessary toolkit (business case template, costing model, financial assumptions), but also the development of a stakeholder analysis, SWOT assessment, stakeholder engagement plan and governance model. For common systems (eg. ERP, Enterprise Trading and Risk Management), we have templated lists of common requirements that can be adjusted/modified to suit client needs. For greenfield needs, we facilitate capture of requirements and itemization of those into the RFP.  

RFP Completion
We create the RFP with you and handle all coordination with internal groups and if necessary, legal, contracts and/or supply chain. We make it simple to get the RFP out the door, on-time, with the appropriate level of oversight and structure based on the investment level and impact. 

Vendor Engagement and Demo Coordination

We engage with proponents all through the process ensuring any clarifications and/or amendments are made and clearly communicated. Additionally, we coordinate any necessary demonstrations, including the capture and distribution of scenarios, participants and vendor engagement. 

Evaluation, Scoring & Recommendation

Development of a fit-for-purpose evaluation and scoring mechanism is key to ensuring active engagement with stakeholders, but also that the right considerations are being made prior to selection. At this point in the process we will also start vendor due diligence - ensuring references checks and risk assessment is completed (as necessary). At the end of this stage, you can be assured that the best available information and insight has been taken into account before the recommendation / final report is completed. 


    Implementation Roadmap & Integrated Delivery Plan

    The key to success now is having a solid plan. At the end of the award process we can provide a comprehensive delivery plan and approach to integrating with the software vendors. This will include a blueprint of "As-Is" to "To-Be", a summary of scope items for the software vendor and a summary of items that will need to be addressed outside the scope of the vendor software (eg. Integration requirements, reporting requirements).

    Program Oversight and Governance

    Should it be required, we can provide delivery oversight including central program / project office support, project management, budgeting, risk management and stakeholder management. We can also provide technical staff augmentation services as needed to fill any gaps in your delivery structure. 

    Start right - run right. This is a critical first principle for a major IT system investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.