Robotic Process Automation platforms have evolved, and now offer a broad spectrum of capabilities to enable any organization to get started on an automation journey. Initially, the objective may be to achieve early cost benefits by automating conventional, routine, rule-based processes that mimic the work of an employee or software application.

This foundation helps develop awareness and a vision for an expanded automation strategy.  A strategy that will drive toward improved coordination, collaboration and workflow across business units and enable higher rates of productivity and scale. Regardless of the starting point, there is an RPA path and approach that fits your company.

Local. Certified. Experienced.

At Beniva, we work with businesses to build automated solutions focused on delivering tangible cost reduction and the reimagining of business processes. We work with leading RPA platforms to enable seamless automation and to create intuitive systems for high performance. Beniva is currently a UiPath Partner and we continue to expand our capabilities across automation platforms. Unlike other firms, Beniva maintains a bench of certified RPA practitioners under the direction of our practice lead. Combined our team has several decades experience in process design, process automation, integration and data management.
Solutions for any stage of your automation journey


- Automation candidate selection -
- Business case development -
- Automation roadmap -
- RPA platform selection -
- Automation proofs-of-concept -


- Process assessment & prioritization -
- Mapping processes to automation -
- Platform deployment -
- Automation (bot) development -


- Manage automations (bots) -
- Governance -
- Change planning & control -
- Business continuity -
- Opportunity management -

Beniva & UiPath

UiPath offers an industry leading, rule-based business / IT process automation for your corporate enterprise. UiPath’s solution works with your existing application inventory and can also be leveraged in both Citrix and SAP environments. Beniva is a UiPath Partner and Reseller. Our goal is to help our customers adopt automation across enterprise processes to achieve maximum value from RPA investment.



Walking the talk.

As a part of our practice, Beniva maintains a fully-functioning RPA lab environment. We are continuously developing and testing common scenarios and cases to tweak and optimize. Some of the use cases we have developed include:

  • Application data entry from a datasource such as Excel

  • Data Scraping/Pull from websites to corporate data repositories or Excel

  • Data Scraping/Pull from Adobe Acrobat .pdf files to data repositories or Excel

With certified RPA practitioners on staff and a growing library of automations created, Beniva has the expertise to support your RPA needs. But our RPA expertise is just the beginning. Our team has decades of experience in process design & development, data management and process digitization. Solutions include:

  • Email automation

  • Claim/inquiry processing & validation

  • Contract workflow automation

  • Employee on boarding and service requests

  • Invoice & payment processing


  • UiPath Partner

  • Flexible engagement models

  • Process and approach adapts to your needs

  • Deep process, technology and industry experience

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