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“We continue to work with Beniva due to the focus they place on successful outcomes”.

Freedom from mundane, costly, and time-consuming tasks is here.

Robotic Process Automation powers businesses forward by providing a new way to deal with unrelenting, repetitive work. Platforms provide software robots (bots) that are programmed to complete tasks as a human would. Blazing fast and 100% accurate. That’s real freedom.

rpa crushes boring tasks

The power of robots, in digital form.

Software bots are useful sidekicks, that provide a big advantage over other “automation” approaches. They are quick to deploy and work with the front-end of an application (just like a human). An advantage of RPA platforms is the full visibility and audit they provide to on all tasks. Best of all, bots can be programmed to work on-demand or on their own.

Process automation approaches. 

rpa services
rpa - intelligent automaton
rpa - hyper automation

Robotic Process Automation

How does it work? First a process is observed and recorded. Then a bot is created on a platform such as UiPath. Once complete, the bot performs exactly the same instructions as a human – with 100% accuracy and super speed. 


→ Bots can be attended or unattended

→ Fast time to delivery

→ Perfect for processes with low variability

→ Easy to deploy and administer

→ Comes with basic OCR

Intelligent Automation

Extend RPA by adding components like natural language processing and intelligent optical character recognition. These capabilities bring a layer of intelligence that enhances and expands automation potential. 


→ Tackle more complex processes with higher data variability

→ Provides new methods for initiating automation such as by a chatbot

→ Intelligent automation components can be added to the existing RPA platform as your automation program evolves  

Hyper Automation

True digital transformation is achieved by automating processes that are undocumented and/or have unstructured data inputs. This works by combining intelligent automation with process mining, task mining, and analytics. 


→ Automate highly variable, undocumented processes with complex and unstructured data inputs

→ Streamlined process discovery, design and development

→ Enhanced analytics for supporting and improving automation’s in production

Master the automation centre of excellence. An essential playbook for success.

A Center of Excellence (COE) allows organizations to best start and maintain their RPA / Intelligent Automation journey by focusing on the team and structure to support the function in a repeatable and supportable way. The COE is the foundation of all actions within it, and it ensures that the right actions are happening at the right time and for the right reasons. 

Prepare an automation architecture blueprint.

Should your practice be On-Prem, Hybrid, or SaaS? What portions of the service will be supported or executed in-house or through a third-party service provider? By understanding your existing technological footprint and overall strategy for the practice, the approach and overall cost of the architecture will become clear for all your RPA components.

Business focused. IT friendly.

RPA focuses on business processes and outcomes, but when paired appropriately with IT, the service becomes robust and responsive.

Communicate and train.

How do teams communicate with each other? Who is doing the work? Communication and automation tool competency is at the core of all successful automation practices. Clearly understanding and communicating what problems need to be solved along with having the right competencies on the team ensure the success of your program.

Scale the automation program.

Companies that struggle to scale their program do so because they lack a large enough future pipeline of opportunities. Keeping momentum and generating excitement in your practice will ensure it can scale to meet future organizational demand.

What automation services can Beniva help you with?

Beniva RPA Services

Document processes.

Process documentation usually ranks low on the priority list but, it’s impossible to automate a process that is not understood. Don’t consume staff time on process documents.  Instead, engage Beniva. As automation specialists, we structure and validate documents that assure automaton readiness.

Selecting a platform.

The RPA landscape is diverse and ever-expanding. Beniva keeps up by tracking over 35 (and counting) RPA platforms including features, strengths, and weaknesses. In addition, we have pre-defined selection criteria and requirements. Accelerators that get you to a decision faster. 

Build automations.

Lets start the transformation away from boring, repetitive tasks by building some bots. We offer flexible engagement terms to ensure the right people are assigned to support RPA goals. All technical staff has appropriate certifications and experience. Beniva is a silver UiPath and MS Power Automate partner.

Build the business case.

Building an automation business case is challenging.  Develop a compelling story and investment plan with a technology pilot. This will not only confirm assumptions and opportunities but also reduces project risk. 

Scale your program.

Beniva will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to drive education, resolve solution & architecture gaps and develop an effective operating model. The result is greater adoption of the RPA program, with the ability to increase the number of automation ideas that can be realized. 

Success Stories

We intuitively understand enterprise processes – being from large companies ourselves, we know the challenges associated with process design, quality, controls, and reliance on clean data entry.  We also understand the necessity to implement improvements that drive sustained competitive advantage. We are not just a technology services provider, we are a partner – focused on your success.

“The first reason we work with Beniva is their approach, the second is focus on quality results.  Beniva is flexible and supportive, meeting us at our starting point. We just don’t get this experience from larger competitive firms.” 

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