RPA – Success Story

Automating AP Invoicing.

A large pipeline company needs a better approach to managing an increasing volume and growing backlog of invoices. 

Client Challenge

  • Vendors send ~2000 invoices per month via email to two AP email addresses for processing. 
  • The backlog for these items is growing each month as vendors are not getting paid on time.
  • .PDF Email attachments are then manually extracted and manually entered into the ERP system 


  • Automate the process & have it run on demand (as emails arrive)
  • Avoid hiring additional staff to meet vendor demand
  • Process orders 24×7 and 365 days/year

Technologies Used

  • UiPath – Orchestrator and Unattended Bots


  • The process now fully automated with a 100% reduction in all errors
  • Backlog fully eliminated along with all additional charges for late payments
  • Able to take advantage of discounts for early payment where applicable
  • Invoices processed within seconds of arrival around the clock
  • $150k per year in staff time savings

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Our core expertise centers on UiPath and Microsoft technologies and we approach the work from a business outcome perspective.

Companies trust Beniva because of our expertise in process design, depth of platform knowledge, and ability to solve more complex automation challenges.

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