Service Operations

Achieve worry free IT. 

Transform IT service and create happy users.

Worry free IT services

We guide the design (or redesign) of the processes and tools needed for IT services to excel. We bring best practices and the expertise needed to solve common IT service issues.
  • Right size your workforce and ITOM
  • Track and report the right metrics and results
  • Master routine tasks to meet business needs

Improve workflow across systems.

When we design workflow, all pieces are covered, this includes data, systems, and service levels. By taking this approach, clients see drastic reductions in errors and re-work, but also better data, and faster response times. IT becomes better in the eyes of those who count – the users. 

Mitigate brand risk due to unplanned events

Beniva works with clients to assess process gaps and weaknesses that can lead to increased exposure and impacts when unplanned events occur. Our extensive business process library and maturity framework supports rapid identification or opportunities and we work directly wtih leaders and practitioners to implement necessary changes that support business continuity.

Transform and optimize

We enable clients to embed new ways at scale by introducing new management systems, planning tools, and approaches such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.  


Digital Strategy

After a divestiture, IT and HR services require a signifcant rebuild effort that includes process, technology, organization design and knowledge base. 

Manage service levels and high numbers of requests with insufficient processes and minimal resources. A full inventory of required processes, technology and resources had to be established in order to develop and execute on a service delivery roadmap that align to the desire of a cost effectiveness and operational stability

  • $200k in perpetual annual savings
  • Ticket resolution time reduced to <24 hours down from >5 days.
  • Increase in client satisfaction rating to 96%
  • Implementation of new major processes and workflows for IT and HR

Extensive Capabilities


Identify current state performance and set targets based on industy, peers or departments. Opportunities include process performance, process maturity, service cost benchmarking and capital budget comparisons. 


Our data and analytics practice focuses extensively on process analytics, operational performance and data mining. We can pinpoint areas of waste, identify high-value improvement opportunities and raise awareness to overall performance. 


Beniva is a North America wide ServiceNow partner. With coverage across all major platform areas and an extensive custom development practice, we are your partner of choice. Learn More


As leaders in Robotic Process Automation technology and development, we can deliver incredible productivity gains, reduction in errors and virtually eliminate many routine, mundane manual tasks – tasks that are taking up valuable resource time. With RPA your Service Operation can become virtual and always-on, running 24×7.  Learn More. 

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