ServiceNow Sales Kick Off 2020 – Recap

by Jan 31, 2020


All the buzz at ServiceNow Sales Kick Off 2020 was about the new President & CEO, Bill McDermott. At Beniva, we tend not to fall for the typical hype of products or vendors. However, it’s evident that Bill has a clear vision for the platform and a compelling story on how ServiceNow will be the defining enterprise solution of the 21st century. A few of Bill’s ideas continue to resonate with us as a team and as an organization.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci

Keep it simple. This notion was everywhere at SKO 2020, and it’s one that Beniva adopts into every service line. For example, one of our key specialties, SAM, is traditionally challenging and requires up to 2 years to see value. Beniva’s SAM Rapid Results offering focuses on the highest priority software and builds sustainable, simple processes that drive value within 3-6 months. This simple way of solutioning a complex roadblock has been hugely beneficial for several of our clients so far.   

Team work makes the dream work. – Bill McDermott

ServiceNow hires the best in class talent and wins the talent war. We follow the same values while sourcing talent for our rapidly expanding team. We engage individuals who are eager to support the team, trust their peers, share their knowledge, and work hard to drive results – together.

No one achieves greatness on their own - not even “The Great One”

Another idea that resonated was a look into Wayne Gretzky’s overall stats. Gretzky finished his professional hockey career with 1,963 assists, doubling his record breaking goals (894). He crushes his second place competition by 946 points (Jaromir Jagr), leading to his nickname “The Great One”. Without those assists, Gretzky wouldn’t be known as “The Great One. Our point? No one achieves greatest on their own we win as a team.  

Beniva’s Specialties of SAM+APM+CMDB Were Reinforced 

Our ServiceNow practice is hyper focused on SAM+APM, so we’re happy to report that our trip reinforced the fact that SAM is the fastest growing product on the platform. A healthy CMDB continues to be the foundation for successful SAM+APM outcomes, fortifying our commitment to CMDB expertise within our team. ServiceNow’s emphasis on CSDM at SKO 2020 was another prominent theme of the week. Beniva’s CSDM competency continues to allow our customers to maintain and drive value from their data. 

ServiceNow Enables Digital Transformation

Actual Digital Transformation is only achieved when organizations alter their existing technology to improve the way they interact with clients, each other, and within their organization. ServiceNow automation, workflows, and lower-code solution development capabilities allows work to flow better and deliver transformative new ways of working together.  

All things considered, SKO 2020 was a huge success. We left Las Vegas eager to bring some new perspectives into our focus on driving value and successful customer outcomes. 

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