When Strategy & Cost Leadership Combine

Beautiful things can happen.

Business apps are the strategic link from business to IT. Apps are IT’s most important asset/digital product.


Yet both optimized application costs & efficient business app alignment remain elusive for most organizations.

Technology advances have reduced the ‘barrier of entry’ to solve both concerns with increasing efficiency.

Substantial & real ROI’s are available to companies leveraging both APM & SAM solutions & services. Projects are becoming ‘no-brainers’ for most organizations of scale.


two halves of one whole

Application Estate Management



How much you own of each app: reduces SW maintenance, reduces audit risk for owned software.

With only SAM, you reduce your license spend but on software that you may not need to begin with.


What apps are in your environment: reduces application redundancy and cost.

With only APM, you are still likely paying too much for remaining apps and are still at risk of audit.

Benefits Delivered


Maps software licenses purchased to actual usage & determines compliance.

Automation provides effective license position and reduces audit response time and penalties.

Improves negotiation power throughout software renewal process.

Technology provides increased automation for license usage visibility & management.


Reduce overall # of applications -> reduces SW maintenance & support costs

Removes redundant software functionality from environment

Provides non-contentious framework for engaging business and deciding on investments & divestitures

Technology provides enhanced portfolio analytical tools & idea workflow.

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