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Leonard, Partner

As founder, Len empowers Beniva to do things differently. The premise is simple – tangible benefits delivered at exceptional value. Len’s energy and commitment is reflected in his daily interactions with both our clients and team. The goal is not a transaction, but a lasting, positive and mutually beneficial relationship that is led by action and results. Day-to-day you can find Len working with our clients to implement effective cost optimization and efficiency programs. Connect with Len to talk business or photography.

Shayne, Partner

After a 20+ year career in transportation, telecommunications and the energy industries, Shayne joined Beniva as partner in the summer of 2017. With full commitment Shayne leans into his engagements, but it is his unique ability to connect with the big picture and initiate actions to kick-start change that truly benefit leaders and their organizations. Day-to-day you can find Shayne working with our clients to develop effective digital technology strategies and delivery plans. Click to connect with Shayne. 

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Associate Partner

Tracy is passionate about collaborating with organizations to develop Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) strategies and solutions to address business needs and challenges. In her various consulting and operational roles over the last 10+ years, she's had the privilege of working with clients in the energy, telecom, health care, and technology sectors across North America.  She works extensively with the ServiceNow platform and loves to share successful implementations with her clients. Tracy is also the Co-Chair of Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) in Calgary.  She is an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion and enabling others to be their best self at home and at work.   

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Service Manager - Data & Analytics

Matt is powered by unending curiosity and a deep interest in learning; two qualities which make him a perfect fit for the data and information space. By day (and sometimes by night), you may find him with one of our clients driving insights from their data. The kinds of insights used to make important (and opportunistic) decisions such as, where do cost optimization opportunities exist? How can we leverage data to drive process improvement? How do we develop meaningful dashboards and KPI’s? Matt is available for conversations on all things hockey or the wide world of data and information…

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Client Delivery Manager

As a high-performing Rugby coach, Ray has learned the incredible power of teamwork combined with setting clear objectives, being visible and encouraging active, transparent communication. He brings these skills and an exceptional work ethic to each engagement he manages. As project manager it can be easy to fall into routines and templates, that is not Ray. Every effort is taken to ensure risks are actively managed and surprises are non-existent. Connect with Ray to discuss the latest in Rugby 7’s action or to share insights on effective project delivery.

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Business Architecture

Allan’s specialty is business architecture. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get down and dirty in solution architecture or development. Allan’s energy and positivity have the ability to pull teams through even the toughest circumstances. Allan is on point for managing our industry IP and helping clients learn how to identify, map and assess their capabilities and processes. It is not uncommon to find IT leaders walking around with an artifact Allan created to support communication, planning and architecture discussions. If you’re avid downhill mountain biker and adventurer or you love business architecture as much as Allan, why not connect!

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Service Manager - IT Business

”She could, so she did” – best way to describe Lindsay and her ability to get things done. Lindsay leads our IT business management practice. If you’ve never heard of that, she wouldn’t be surprised, it is the hard back-office work of ensuring IT runs like a business. Financial management, portfolio management, supplier/vendor management, application lifecycle management, PMO – all the unsung hero’s of an efficient, well run IT department. Build a connection with Lindsay to get the latest on IT business management, the importance of Rose` wine, or to contribute to a vast network of women in IT.

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Operations Manager

In addition to being an unabashed lover of photos that showcase ”cats in action poses”, Sasha manages our day-to-day operations. Of course that not only means she plays a critical role in keeping us moving but she is also your (and our) go-to for all things related to official documents (contracts, invoices, statements of work etc). You’ll find Sasha to be as approachable as she is professional. Always on top of things, with exceptional diligence and follow-through.

Beniva Associates

Beniva works with several associates who can be found supporting our clients on everything from strategic planning to major transformation initiatives. We strive to work with solid, reputable individuals who have deep experience in their fields. Beniva only places candidates that are a fit for the challenge at hand. We are proud of our associate network - you will be too. 


Interested in working with us and have the necessary skills? Have a look at our open positions.

Cloud Architecture

If you understand the following statement "The cloud is not a destination..." and have a passion for solving problems and moving solutions forward - we'd like to hear from you. 


  • Minimum 10 - years experience in technology, (architecture, design, planning)
  • Minimum of 3 cloud engagements where you were the lead / principal architect (preferable for large scale IaaS or PaaS deployments)
  • Industry (non-IT) domain experience
  • Demonstrated ongoing education/certification in computer engineering  
  • Reputable, reliable and results oriented

Network Architecture

Do you push the frontier of network technology and capability? If so, we want to hear from you. 


  • Minimum 10 - years experience in technology, (architecture, design, planning)
  • Minimum 3 engagements where you were the lead / principal architect for modern network deployments in the following areas: industrial networks, secure financial networks (crossing jurisdictions), and/or large scale backbone network deployments
  • Industry (non-IT) domain experience
  • Demonstrated ongoing education/certification in network, telecommunications or electrical engineering  
  • Reputable, reliable and results oriented


If you are interested in either a partnership with Beniva or to sub-contract Beniva for one of your engagements, please contact us using the form below. One of our partners will be in touch. 

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